Sri Lankan Hoppers

Stop! Hopper Time! You sang that didn’t you? I bet you did. *insert harem pants here* No? Oh well, never mind. TOMORROW IS PANCAKE DAY!! One of the many things I love about living in Britain! However, this year I thought I’d deviate from the norm by making a Sri Lankan favourite…. Appa! Or the English term,Continue reading “Sri Lankan Hoppers”

Cashew & Cardamom Milk Toffee

WARNING! You may want to book an appointment with your dentist before making this. Just saying. MILK TOFFEE! *jazz hands* This sweet meat is not too dissimilar to fudge in taste, just slightly more crumbly – like a cross between fudge and Indian barfi. It’s usually filled with cashews and raisins, but this time I opted outContinue reading “Cashew & Cardamom Milk Toffee”

Kiri Bath (Sri Lankan Milk Rice)

So I made Kiri Bath today. In Sinhalese ‘Kiri bath’ literally translates to ‘milk rice’, and is pretty much what it says on the tin. Rice cooked in milk. Traditionally the dish is considered to be quite decadent, so is customarily saved for special occasions and the first of the month. So keeping with tradition…