Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden – #FRIDAY

Friday Night – That time of the week when most fun, exciting, vibrant individuals decide to go out after a stressful week of work to hang out and socialise with their friends to celebrate the weekend. Usually involving alcohol. #FRIDAY – That time of the week when individuals who usually spend their Friday nights at home watchingContinue reading “Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden – #FRIDAY”

Issy and Ang go to Italy (Part 3) – The Amalfi Coast

Friday morning, we made our to Roma Termini, both super stressed about making all our connections in time… not realising it was the beginning of what was going to be an AMAZING day! First we were worried about our taxi to the railway station. The night before we had tried to book a taxi fromContinue reading “Issy and Ang go to Italy (Part 3) – The Amalfi Coast”

Issy and Ang go to Italy (Part 2) – Rome

Our Rome adventure started at 1am on a Wednesday morning, half asleep and majorly confused. I say ‘confused’ because when our taxi dropped us off in front of Bologna Coach Station (Autostazione di Bologna), it was deserted… and closed. *cue panic* Travel Tip: If you ever find yourself catching a night bus in Bologna andContinue reading “Issy and Ang go to Italy (Part 2) – Rome”