Ohai! We’re Issy and Ang… two scientists with a tendency to spend more time in the kitchen than in the lab!


Hiiiiii, I’m Issy! Lancaster based. Italian born Sri Lankan. Day dreamer. Obsessed with ginger cats. I have a habit of binge watching anime’s, eating all the blueberries, and obsessing over anything Scandinavian! You can usually find me with my head in a book, attempting to grow tomatillos in Northern England, or watching beauty guru video’s online.


Sup, I’m Angela! Londoner. Goan. Coffee fiend. Iron Man fangirl. I’m a firm believer that everything tastes better with bacon, will swoon over a Scottish accent, and could probably recite every word of the musical ‘Rent’. You can usually find me sprawled out in my room surrounded by paints/markers, rocking out at a gig, or attached to my guitar, Paul.


The two of us met at Uni where, through our shared love of travelling, creating and eating, we instantly became best mates… and pretty much inseparable!

Until we graduated.

Suddenly finding ourselves on opposite sides of the country, we created ‘Acorns & Custard’ as a means of sharing all of our ventures and adventures with each other, friends, and family (because a phone call would just make too much sense!). So yeah, you’re basically looking at our very own joint public diary. Welcome to our crazy! 🙂


Well, our friendship practically revolves around food. If we’re not trying out a new restaurant, at a food festival, or watching cooking shows together, we are most likely brainstorming recipe ideas or cooking something up in the kitchen! I guess we should have realised we were always going to end up filling our blog with recipes!

We like to think we owe our mutual obsession with food to our friend, Kevin. We all met at Uni, where from living together we soon learned that not only was Kevin a lovely person, but an AMAZING cook as well! He’d trained with Jamie Oliver, as one of his original Fifteen, so you can imagine he’d adopted this contagious passion for good food. We would often meet up in London, where he’d take us around to all these awesome foodie spots! Our favourite being Borough Market, where he pretty much knew everyone that worked there! He had a knack of talking so enthusiastically about food that, despite being quite fussy eater’s, we couldn’t help but want to try it! It was like an education. He opened our eyes to the world of food and we like to think he sparked our hunger to learn more. Sadly Kevin isn’t with us anymore, but that sense of foodie exploration that he gifted us is definitely what fuels us! 🙂

Thank you for checking out our blog! We hope to see you around these parts more often! 😉

Issy & Ang


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