Nutty Chocolate Truffles

So it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and this year I decided that instead of going through all the faff of making something decadent and swoon-worthy (like my previous Black Forest Chocolate Fondant’s), I’d make something super easy that didn’t require too many ingredients but still tasted good. Such a romantic. Tbf, these chocolate truffles are delicious andContinue reading “Nutty Chocolate Truffles”

(Apple) Pi Day!

NERD ALERT! So being the absolute geeks the pair of us are, we felt it necessary to celebrate a day dedicated to a mathematical constant. Yeah, we’re cool like that. It’s Pi Day! Please withhold your excitement. According to the US date format, today -March 14th- marks the annual celebration of π. 3rd month ofContinue reading “(Apple) Pi Day!”