Chinese New Year 2014!

To celebrate the Year of the Horse, the family and I moseyed on down to Chinatown to see the celebrations and to get some dim sum!

It was such a beautiful day in London. A little bit chilly, but unbelievably sunny for the beginning of February!



Chinatown was absolutely packed. We pretty much had to shuffle our way through the crowds just to get anywhere. Though after a few wrong turns/diversions we found ourselves at the New World Chinese Restaurant on Gerrard Place.

Thankfully my aunt and cousins had already turned up and got us a table, because the amount of people crammed into the restaurant foyer picking numbers waiting to be seated was insane.


Inside the restaurant we were soon approached by a waitress pushing around a trolley of dim sum. So we indulged.


All of the dim sum. Prawn, prawn and coriander, pork and vegetable, and them pillowy pork buns. Man I love pork buns.




Suitably fed, we then headed off to Bubbleology for some bubble tea to round off the day.



Now, the scientist in me has always loved the chemistry influence on this place. The bubbling conical flasks in the window, the ingredients made to look like they belong on a periodic table, the lab coats… just love it.

Queuing was inevitable today, but totally worth it. Even if just to see my dad’s excitement over the passion fruit popping boba pearls.

Try saying that with a mouth full of fruit gums.

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