Tree Bread Centrepiece – GBBO Showstopper Challenge (Week 3)

Ok, so let me start by addressing the fact that GBBO is no longer going to be on BBC and Mel & Sue are leaving and I’m going to have to endure ad breaks in between the Mary Berry innuendos and steely Paul Hollywood glares. I’m not ok with this. *cries in corner with the BBC*Continue reading “Tree Bread Centrepiece – GBBO Showstopper Challenge (Week 3)”

Dark Chocolate, Coffee & Cinnamon Babka

Well, that health kick lasted long. Personally, I blame it on the babka! And the fact that once I see something I think would be fun to bake, I can’t resist! I may or may not even be scoffing two chunky slices of this bad boy whilst writing this post… I’M WEAK OK!! *hangs headContinue reading “Dark Chocolate, Coffee & Cinnamon Babka”

Christmas Stollen

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!! Oh look! A last minute Christmas recipe post! Yup, sounds like me. I can’t help it. As well as being a time for family, friends and food, Christmas to me is a season of procrastination. And mulled cider. But mostly procrastination. I mean, even now as I sit here on ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas Stollen”