Chocolate Cake… Baked In Coloured Egg Shells

Now, I saw this idea on Cupcake Project whilst perusing the Internet for food blogs to follow and I just HAD to try it. I mean, c’mon! Cake baked inside an egg?! It’s the perfect amount of weird and wonderful that it just had to be done! Also, cake is involved. Obviously, being me, IContinue reading “Chocolate Cake… Baked In Coloured Egg Shells”

Issy goes to London!

Ok so this isn’t my first time in London. I mean, with Ang being here it’s practically my second home! However, this is my first proper visit since we started the blog so I felt it was necessary to document my travels (no matter how brief!). We started our Saturday like any other foodie should…Continue reading “Issy goes to London!”