Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden – #FRIDAY

IMG_3640Friday Night – That time of the week when most fun, exciting, vibrant individuals decide to go out after a stressful week of work to hang out and socialise with their friends to celebrate the weekend. Usually involving alcohol.

#FRIDAY – That time of the week when individuals who usually spend their Friday nights at home watching their favourite tv shows online decide, ‘Hey! Tonight I’m gonna go out into central London for a few drinks and have a really sophisticated evening!’, but really end up blowing all their money on the most unflattering food to eat (usually ribs or wings) and buying like one round of the most ridiculously flamboyant cocktails just to Instagram that shiz to make it look like they’re as classy as they wish they were on social media.

Yeah. Guilty.


It all started a year ago when my cousin Darzi and I came to the conclusion that we really needed to get out more and decided to do something about it. We made plans to go into London with the intent of having a lovely meal, a dessert, and to look classy whilst drinking cocktails. Yeah, that didn’t happen. What actually happened was we ended up having a massive curry, maybe like one beer each, and then leaving early because we were both ready for bed by about 10pm. Hardcore, right? Though, after the curry we did manage to drag ourselves into the restaurant next door to at least share a dessert at the bar before we left… because let’s face it, leaving at 9pm is just embarrassing. It was at this bar that we came to accept that the two of us were never going to have a classy or wild Friday night out, but we could make it seem like we were on social media in a completely ironic, taking the piss out of ourselves way….

And thus, #FRIDAY was born!



Over the last year, Darzi and I have actually made a thing of going out on a spontaneous #FRIDAY, where we get a meal and a fancy drink then obnoxiously post tweets/Snapchats/Instagrams about the whole thing. I mean, it started as a bit of a joke between us but it has essentially got us out of the house! Not to mention that being the foodies we are, our #FRIDAY’s have developed over the year into us seeking out new exciting restaurants to try each time. So much so, that I felt it was time to start blogging about all the fun new places we visit on our #FRIDAY adventures! Whilst obviously still posting about them on all social media platforms too. Sorry, not sorry.

So, for my first #FRIDAY post (and I guess our 1 year #FRIDAY anniversary) we decided to go to Flesh & Buns in Covent Garden.

IMG_3599From the crew behind Bone Daddies, Flesh & Buns describes itself as a ‘Rock and Roll Izakaya in London’ – basically a Japanese-style pub serving quick easy foods to eat whilst holding a cold alcoholic beverage and playing decent music. All round win.

We started our evening with some cocktails… you know, in our never-ending attempt to look like a couple of classy mofo’s.

IMG_3612Darzi’s ‘Roji Sour’ – gin, peach liqueur, green tea & chamomile syrup, and grapefruit bitters.

IMG_3613My ‘Spritz-In-Nippon’ – ume shu, lychee liqueur, elderflower cordial, peach bitters, and Prosecco.

IMG_3603IMG_3616Though, we then followed these with a starter of Korean Fried Chicken Wings and all dignity was lost. These may have been seriously messy, but so worth it!

IMG_3625For the main you’re advised to choose a ‘flesh’/meat filling and a portion of 2 steamed buns per person, so we decided to share 2 fillings – the Crispy Piglet Belly with Mustard Miso and Pickled Apple, and the Crispy Duck Leg with Sour Plum Soy and Beetroot Pickle.

IMG_3621IMG_3619We both went for the duck first, figuring the pork belly would be our fave and wanting to leave the best till last, however after trying the duck we immediately knew we’d made the wrong decision. Don’t get me wrong, the crispy pork was good; the addition of pickled apples being a stroke of genius! However, that duck!! *raised hands emoji* It was crispy yet so perfectly succulent… and the combination of the sweet umami plum soy with the tart beetroot just made it. Pure heaven!!

IMG_3628IMG_3629IMG_3624The restaurant has lots of separate tables and booths for larger groups, but trust me, you want to sit on the long table down the middle of the restaurant. Essentially you’ll end up sitting next to strangers but the whole experience is unbelievably social and you will probably end up making friends.

We were sat next to two lovely ladies on one side, and just as we were ordering our dessert two gentlemen sat on our other side. We all ended up having a massive conversation where the guys kept raving on about the frozen yuzu margarita’s, saying how they’re the best they’ve ever had and we absolutely had to order them. One of the guys (who looked remarkably like Turk from Scrubs!) was so passionate about them that he even insisted we couldn’t leave till we all at least tried his! So we did. He probably went on for a good 10 minutes explaining how it’s something about the mix they use, and how he’s had them all around the world, so he would know. Bless him. Admittedly they were delish!

IMG_3637For our dessert we ordered the S’mores (passionfruit marshmallow and almond chocolate) which came with your own little fire pit to toast the marshmallows on. These were gorgeous, but I could have done with a few more!

All in all we had a really fun, hilarious evening; delicious food, great atmosphere, and good company! We’d definitely recommend the crispy duck and the s’mores (purely for the theatrics). Oh, and you can’t leave without trying the frozen yuzu margarita. Because Turk says so.

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