Real Street Food Festival & SORTED Food Meet Up!

Eleven days ago (there’s a reason why so specific, promise!) we went down to the Real Street Food Festival and got some rather nice grub.


Oh, and met SORTED Food.

No big deal.

On a particularly chilly morning, the two of us, along with Charlotte – the baby sis, found ourselves heading down to London’s Southbank for the meet up/food.


Naturally, being Issy and Ang we unintentionally turned up ‘fashionably late’ … but we had spent the previous night travelling on a 7hr coach back from Lancaster and hadn’t got home till about 7am, so really it’s a miracle we even made it out the house! We were definitely rocking the zombie look! 😉

Anyways, the meet up was amazeballs….

Met James, the co-development chef, who was so lovely we gave him gingerbread.

Convinced Mike he should put his music on iTunes so we can buy that shiz!

Discovered Ben’s been to Goa and is therefore even more awesome.

Realised Jamie is definitely the funniest person in the world.

And found out Barry buys women’s clothes. Fact.




Yup… they’re definitely wearing the same jacket.



They also introduced us to Herman – a yeast culture ‘pet’ (because dogs are overrated!) that we were to nurture for 10 days before splitting between 4; giving three to three friends who would then do the same, and keeping one to bake into a ‘Friendship Cake.’

Thinking it was a sweet idea to share cake with friends (and not realising it was a mere ploy for cake world domination!), we were happy to accept the challenge.



Spiced Orange, Parsnip and Walnut Herman, with Cream Cheese Frosting. Made using SORTED’s recipe, but instead adding a handful of orange peel, a handful of chopped walnuts, one parnsip (peeled and grated), 2tsps mixed spice and a pinch of ground clove. Cream Cheese Frosting: 50g soft butter beaten with 200g cream cheese and 150g icing sugar. Nom.

Anyways, we then ventured off into the food festival itself for some much needed hot food, but after seeing how many vendors were at the festival we quickly found ourselves in that ‘what on earth do I want to eat?’ predicament.














Being a solid Carvalho family favourite, we very nearly opted for the dosa’s, but then we were offered to try some grilled harissa chicken from a Moroccan stall and instantly our lives changed.  We knew that’s what we needed to eat.


Smoky, spicy chicken wrapped in a bed of salad and minty yoghurt sauce. Fit.

It was definitely the best choice on a cold day, though obscenely messy! Who needs their dignity, reeally? Unfortunately we were too distracted by the grub, we didn’t even catch the name of the vendor! Dammit!

We then went back for dessert….as you should!!

Our choice? An amaretti and dark Belgian chocolate crêpe from Crêperie Nicolas.


We swooned.

And if that wasn’t enough we then finished our day in central with another crêpe in our special obligatory meet up place in London.



The Rumble in the Crumble: stewed apple, cinnamon crumble, extra thick double cream.

I think it’s safe to say we rolled ourselves home.

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