Grasmere Gingerbread Shop & Dining in Ambleside

Yesterday we Hansel & Gretyl’ed our way to Grasmere in the Lake District in search of a gingerbread house full of deliciousness… minus the crazy cannibalistic witch.

Specifically, we set off in search of the Grasmere Gingerbread Shop, a local visitor attraction and home to Sarah Nelson’s infamous gingerbread – the recipe of which has remained a secret since it’s beginnings in the 19th century, and still proves to be ever popular with the tourists.

Basically it’s delish and totally worth a trip to the Lakes… you know, if the adorably quaint villages and absolutely stunning Lord of the Rings worthy landscapes weren’t enough…


The little shop is still just bursting with tradition… even the staff continue to dress like it’s 1889!




So crumbly, yet chewy. Sigh.




After hooking ourselves up with the baked goods, we headed off for a little stroll in the village. Or ‘the loveliest spot that man hath ever found’ according to one William Wordsworth, who resided in the little town.





Stopping briefly for some tea/hot chocolate and some more baked goods…





Then we got hungry. Could eat a whole horse hungry.

We stopped over in Ambleside, a neighbouring town, for some much needed grub.


But not before visiting an old fashioned sweet shop. Priorities.




Our restaurant of choice was a little Italian place called Tarantella.


The cosy, relaxed atmosphere just summed up the ethos of the whole day.

And the food.

Oh boy, the food.


To start, crab arancini with a side of some micro herbs…. which Issy was very excited about.



Ang’s meal: Pine nut crusted chicken schnitzel with gnocci, peas, mushrooms and pancetta in a creamy white wine sauce.


Issy’s meal: Pancetta and sage wrapped pork loin with bacon carvolo nero and potato croquettes.


To drink, we opted for a classic peach Bellini. Yeah we know, that’s a raspberry.


By the time we finished our meals we were stuffed! Though, seeing as the food was sooo beyond incredible, we couldn’t leave without trying one of their desserts. We went for a white chocolate meringue with EVERY FRUIT UNDER THE SUN! Nom.


And it was goooood!


Suitably fed, we then headed back to Grasmere to hunt down our good friend Claire, who happened to be visiting the Lakes on the exact same day too?! Coincidence much?

We took refuge in the cosy little pub in the Swan Hotel and had a right old catchup…. regardless of how tired we all were – Claire had just been up Scafell Pike (highest mountain in England)… whilst we had just eaten our own weight in food.

We may have cut the night early to get some sleep, but it was totally worth it just to witness the sheer amazingness of Claire’s panda hat alone.



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