Blood Orange Marmalade

We are in the midst of blood orange season and if you’re not running out and buying all the blood oranges you can find right now I am judging you intensely. Seriously. In the last week, I’ve visited every supermarket near me and bought bags of the stuff just to find the reddest and sweetest blood orangesContinue reading “Blood Orange Marmalade”

Earl Grey Scones with Strawberry Lavender Jam

You know those moments where you just can’t find the motivation, drive, and let’s face it, energy to do things you know you should be doing or want to be doing? Yeah, well I’ve been having one of those for like 3 months now. I don’t know what it is but since March I’ve probably attemptedContinue reading “Earl Grey Scones with Strawberry Lavender Jam”

Strawberry Basil Linzer Torte

This weekend I got out the sunglasses and flip flops for the first time this year… I think that officially makes it summer. Am I right? To me, that means travelling, having nonstop BBQ’s, drinking cider in the sun, and eating strawberries. All of the strawberries.   I mean, June pretty much equals ‘Strawberry Season’. AndContinue reading “Strawberry Basil Linzer Torte”