Tropical Fruit Pastilles

IMG_8069Yesterday was a shining example of what a typical Saturday in the life of Angela Carvalho entails.

It’ll start with the intention of being super productive or creating something (doing blog related things, drawing something, recording songs/playing guitar, going out to London etc)… yet, somehow I always end up at my cousin Darzi’s house playing video games and making her food. She clearly knows that the mere mention of a food will have me craving it and wanting to make it. She knows me too well.

Take yesterday for example, I went to Darzi’s with the intention of recording songs, but somehow she managed to convince me we needed to make fruit pastilles instead. Obviously.

To be honest, I guess the two of us had been talking about making fruit pastilles ever since we saw SORTEDfood‘s recipe for berry flavoured Fruit Gums a couple weeks ago… so it was going to happen eventually. Seriously, I dare you to watch that video and not want to make them!

Actually! I also dare you to watch their new channel trailer and not want to subscribe to them too! A loveable bunch of DECENT human beings, making DECENT videos about DECENT food and sharing it with possibly the most DECENT community on the Internet? Who wouldn’t subscribe?! Dooooo it!

Did I mention they’re a bit DECENT? 😛



Anyways, back to sweets!

We found we completely agreed with SORTED in saying the red and purple ones are the best flavours. However instead of making these, we thought we’d try making better versions of the orange, green and yellow sweets. You know, giving them a second chance…

… by making them TROPICAL!


IMG_7959Mango, pineapple and kiwi fruit pastilles?


Get in my belly.

And get me to a beach.

IMG_7981For the mango fruit pastilles we added the mango puree, 50g of the sugar, 1tbsp of the liquid glucose, 5g of the pectin and a squeeze of lemon juice to a saucepan.

IMG_7984 IMG_7987 IMG_7990IMG_7998We left this to bubble on a gentle heat to about 110°C, stirring occasionally so it wouldn’t burn.

Then we poured this into containers lined with cling film and left to cool completely in the fridge.

IMG_8062Once set we cut the fruity slabs into squares, then coated them in caster sugar.

IMG_8064   IMG_7965We then repeated the whole process with the kiwi and pineapple. You may want to sieve the kiwi puree but Darzi wanted the bits, so we kept the bits. Also, effort.

IMG_8046 IMG_8051IMG_8011 IMG_8038   IMG_8067

Tropical Fruit Pastilles
Author: Acorns & Custard
  • 125g mango, pureed
  • 125g kiwi, pureed
  • 125g pineapple, pureed
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 3tbsp liquid glucose
  • 15g pectin
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  1. (Blitz fresh fruit to a puree, using a little bit of water to loosen it up)
  2. Add 50g sugar, 1tbsp liquid glucose, 5g pectin and a squeeze of lemon to the pureed mango in a saucepan and gently heat so everything dissolves.
  3. Heat to approximately 105-115°C, stirring occasionally making sure it doesn’t burn at the bottom.
  4. Carefully pour into a tin/contained lined with cling film. Leave in the fridge to cool completely.
  5. Once set, cut into whatever shape you fancy and coat in caster sugar.
  6. Repeat with the kiwi and pineapple puree.


2 thoughts on “Tropical Fruit Pastilles

  1. Wow! They look absolutely amazing! I think I have to give this a second chance. When I made blackberry gummies they wouldn’t set. I’m thinking maybe it was the pectin, ’cause here we have liquid pectin, and yours are in sachets… Guess it’s time for some experimenting! 🙂 Pineapple/mango sounds like a winning combination to me…

    1. Aww thank you! 😀 Liquid pectin should really do the job, but I guess it can be quite temperamental! I mean, my kiwi ones didn’t set quite as hard as the mango and pineapple ones, despite using the same measurements. Though, I guess it’s also how long you cook it for. Maybe try jam sugar if you can get that? If not, citrus fruits and apples are full of pectin! Ooooh! Mango AND pineapple?! Why didn’t I think of that….

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