SORTEDfood’s #BeatMyBurger ‘Meat’ Up – YouTube Space, London

On Monday, the both of us headed down to the YouTube Space in London for one the burger ‘meat’ ups hosted by SORTEDfood for their epic Burger Quest… to find the internet’s ultimate burger!

For weeks now they’ve been collaborating with YouTube’s finest, getting inspiration and creating burger recipes ideal to each YouTuber… obviously spurring a worldwide conversation about burgers! Can’t argue with that!

As well as this, they’d been asking the community to submit their own burger recipes to the SORTEDfood app/social media (with the hashtag #BeatMyBurger) with the intention of the 5 highest voted burgers to be made and served at Burger ‘Meat’ Up’s around the world (well, London, NYC and LA…) and voted for by actual real life people.

Here’s a short video and some photos of what we got up to…

IMG_9232 IMG_9238IMG_9319Ben & Mike. With a mic. Talking about burgers.

IMG_9247IMG_9320The Lamb Burger – toasted ciabatta bun, mayo, red onion rings, rocket, tomato, crumbled feta, lamb burger and red pepper jam. Dat red pepper jam doe.

The Korean Pork Burger – sesame burger bun (dipped and toasted), kimchi, pork pattie, lettuce. Kimchi? Yes please.

IMG_9260The Crab Cake Sliders – slider bun, red cabbage slaw, creole crab pattie, lettuce.

The Best Veggie Burger – toasted burger bun, fresh coriander leaves, slices of tomato, roasted red pepper, mustard mayo, veggie pattie, slice of melted brie.

IMG_9322And finally, London’s winner…

The Double Happiness – grilled cheese toasted muffin, onion spread, rashers of bacon, double beef pattie, slices of cheddar. You had me at bacon.

IMG_9323IMG_9324Issy trapped in a yellow submarine that is the YouTube Space.

IMG_9276IMG_9253photo-2 IMG_9325Casual drunk panda.

photo 1JAMES!

photo 2When Issy has a glass of wine…

photo 3

It was a brilliant evening of food, fun and new friends… a big thank you to the lovely bunch at SORTEDfood for inviting us to eat ALL THE BURGERS!

Absolute dolls! ❤

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