Our Eden Project Photo’s

Issy providing the names of the plants and flowers. Ang making nerdy references.

IMG_6140 IMG_6145IMG_6153 IMG_6156


IMG_6161Chicken Caesar Salad.

IMG_6162Quiche Lorraine.

IMG_9075Forcefields. Or soap suds.

IMG_9130 IMG_9134 IMG_9168 IMG_9199Agapanthus.

IMG_6165  IMG_6167 IMG_6168A species of Dahlia.IMG_6173 IMG_6176That game in Mario Party where you have to ground pound the burning fuse before it reaches King Bob Omb.

IMG_6187Artichokes. IMG_6190Nigella damascena.

IMG_6205IMG_6213Bougainvillea.IMG_6218IMG_9506IMG_9508 IMG_6231IMG_9484 IMG_6234 Pretty Sunflowers.

IMG_9308 IMG_9340IMG_9420IMG_9436 IMG_9445IMG_3644Had to be done.

IMG_9454 IMG_9460The Seed.

IMG_6248 IMG_6252Doing an impression of Totoro.

IMG_6255IMG_9256 IMG_9567Strawberry Sorbet and Coconut & Baobab Seed ice cream. Delicious! Baobab seeds need to be more readily available in the UK!!IMG_9602 IMG_9621IMG_9658Hibiscus schizopetalus, a species of hibiscus.

IMG_9671 IMG_9680 IMG_9769 IMG_9876

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