Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton

Last Sunday, Matthew, Darzi, Jono and I donned our beanie hats and elbow patches and headed off to Shoreditch to celebrate Jono’s birthday in true Jono style… a mighty feast.


Elbow patches and beanie hats not actually represented in photo. Except Darzi, girl lives in a beanie.

Anywho, being a family who are all about their American diner grub, we had made plans to go to the Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton – known for its Man vs. Food worthy food challenges; the INSANE hot wings challenge (made with Naga Viper chilli’s… one of the world’s hottest chilli’s!) and the Devastator Challenge (an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ burger).


Armed with a reservation, we were instantly escorted through the busy and bustling restaurant, downstairs to an almost empty underground dining area.




We were given a mahoosive booth to ourselves, so we were definitely taken up by the much cosier, relaxed atmosphere…. helped by the slow smooth jazz/blues/soul music playing in the background. Oh, and the super lovely and super silly waiter! So yeah, I highly recommend booking in advance to avoid the wait!

Food wise we opted not to go for either of the challenges on THIS occasion. Though, I plan to take on the hot wings in the future … but to takeaway… and in the privacy of my own home! Dignity, can I have it?

As all good things should begin… we started with mozzarella sticks.


We then continued our onslaught… onto various burgers…. e.g. The Punisher.


But more importantly… onto pulled pork.


Not the greatest of pictures, but I was far too excited and hungry to wait!

And it was glorious.

So succulent, with that amazing smoky bbq flavour … and oh my, those cripsy burnt bits! Yuuuuum. Especially when covered in their sweet, tangy, yet spicy ‘Kansas City’ sauce. Didn’t even think to ask what it was exactly, I was too busy chowing down.


Empty plates all round… a sign of a restaurant i’ll be visiting again!

We then headed home….via fancy lights and Dad’s work.





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