T in the Park! 2013

For our 21st birthdays, my cousin Vanessa and I decided that we were going to go on a holiday together. Our birthdays are a day apart, so the idea of spending a long weekend in somewhere like Rome or Paris sounded perfect. Then 21 came and went….and we still hadn’t left the country together.

Fast forward a couple years later (not saying how many!) to find ourselves staring at the line up for T in the Park with wide eyed faces… and instantly we both knew we were going.




Music Festival.


Could there be a more Angela-approved combination?



Casual bagpipers. Well, when in Scotland.


Oh, and then there was Fancy Dress Friday (as if I need a specific day of the week to have an excuse to dress up on!)

This year: Superheroes and Villains.

And being the little video game nerds we are, we decided to be Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog for the day. A lot of posing and needless running involved.



In fact, so much running that Shadow ended up spraining her ankle…. smooth Van, smooth.


But other than the injury, and the fact that you had to battle through a wall of dust every time you walked onto the campsite, I couldn’t fault the weekend.

The weather was fudging amazing! – I mean, I came back from Scotland browner than my aunt who had just come back from India. Dafuq?


The bands were incredible/inspiring. – I am genuinely thinking about starting up a folk band after watching The Lumineers live. Anyone play the accordion?


The camping experience was surprisingly better than expected. – Shelling out the extra £16 for a ‘Refresh’ wristband for entry to the luxury loo’s, showers and pamper stations was definitely a good call.



And then it ended in fireworks. Perfect.



Photo credit for some *cough* MOST *cough* of these pictures goes to the lovely Vanessa :).

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