Cuba! – Arrival and First Impressions

Cuba has always been on my bucket list. From a young age I’ve always had an interest in its history… and always felt like a distant dream.

Unfortunately for my close friends, this resulted in me pestering them endlessly to come with… without much luck.

Finally struck gold when my friend Mark revealed that it was on his bucket list too! Overjoyed, we then joined forces into coaxing the rest of our friends… and took Claire as our willing hostage!

As we landed in Havana, it was clear we brought the rain as angry clouds greeted us with heavy rain.

So yeah… it was clear to us that exploring was not on the agenda that evening.

The next morning however, we were relieved to wake up to blue skies and sunshine. We were staying at at Hotel Beltrane de Santa Cruz, just off Plaza Vjeja in the old historic quarter, Habana Vjeja.


It was an old Spanish colonial building; the water pressure wasn’t always reliable but they made up for it with the large spacious rooms and a mean breakfast of fresh fruit and toast.

They also had a resident parrot. Need I say more.

Look at that face. Sat up there judging.

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